Showing Layers When Timeline Ends AND user clicks

I'm trying to define when a participant can click on a new layer (for example a timeline or process diagram). All templates have triggers set where 'show layer when user clicks 'rectangle 1'. However I want to be sure the participant listens to all audio on the base layer first before they can click. Yet if i choose 'timeline ends on slide' the first layer will appear automatically. This is ok for the 1st layer, but I need to do this on a slide that has multiple layers. 

I've attached a screen shot of what I've tried. 

Any suggestions? 


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Daniel Canaveral

Gotcha... Ok, so you want the layer to appear once the learner has heard the entirety of the audio on the base layer, correct?  If so, a trigger that reads  "Show layer Specify Value when Audio 1 completes"  should do the trick, right? Something like this:

Is that not what you're going for?

Daniel Canaveral

Great! And awesome, that was going to be one of my follow up questions: Whether you want learners to view Specify Value (SV) first, then IVS next, and so on... That makes things easier. 

One way you could go about this is to  establish up front, visually, that items 2-5 are inaccessible until you go through the steps in order, and then setting up triggers that limit when certain objects become Normal again on the layer level.  I've updated the link again to show how this would work.

Also attaching a working SL file.

Sarah Hodge

Daniel, thanks for sharing your solution! 

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