Simple Storyline Certificate of Completion

Nov 16, 2022

This week’s Articulate challenge is to share eLearning Certificate of Completion Templates. Free download:

This is a simple, customizable template that works in Storyline 2, 3, and 360. (The new Print Slide trigger included in Storyline 360 won't work in Storyline 2 or 3, because it requires the modern rather than the classic player.)


7 Replies
Robert Haggerty

I tried using your template on my course, I publish to xAPI. Name and date correctly show up on certificate, but when I try to print, I get an error message.

<Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>
I'm assuming I need to tweak the javascript code, as i've added the certificate html file via resources, since I cannot simply add it to the published xAPI folder.  Any ideas?
Kasper Bergstrøm

I tried to export it to Storyline 360 and then from there to a Rise project. The preview function gives me an error message and blocks the printing window. I think it is somewhere in the JavaScript. Me and ChatGTP are trying to solve the problem. But I'll let you know if I figure it out. But I'll follow this post, if anyone beats me to it :-)