Skill Based Assessment via xAPI

Hello Everyone, 

I have created a skill-based assessment in Storyline. I have tried to incorporate the latest UI and UX trends with new color themes. Also, I have used animated emojis to make it even cooler.

Whenever you create assessments in Storyline, SCORM usually reports only one result slide to LMS. In this short demo, I have used xAPI statements to report more than one result slides.

Imagine, when each result slide represents one skill and able to determine which skills learner has passed or failed.  Something like this:

Please try yourself and let me know what you think:

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Joey Buys

Hi Mohammed.

Loved this demonstration. I think, even to this day, that xAPI (Tin Can) is something that a lot of developers underestimate or don't fully understand. Statement (verb) manipulation is rather daunting when investigating initially, but once you grasp the premise, so many doors open for your content delivery and tracking. The fact that your content can become LMS independent is also a massive plus since your course is capable to interact with the database (LRS) directly if configured correctly.

Maybe for you next challenge / version, attempt to use JS in your course to manipulate the verbs / statements sent to your LMS even further by passing more detailed information.

For example, Andrew Lupton Failed 'Clarity' with a score of 50%.

Mohammad  Hassam

I agree with you Joey. To be honest, I hated xAPI statements at first. My motivation is to learn xAPI was almost zero. I visualized xAPI statements as a cane of data, and someone asked me to filter that data to evaluate learner's performance. I see people sharing their thoughts and examples, which weren't that compelling because they were so specific about the technology itself rather than sharing the big picture like why I should be using xAPI or how xAPI could help the current infrastructure?

I understood the fundamental concept but never envisioned as to how xAPI could help us in the real world. That's where my curiosity and eagerness stepped in and I start doing some Real research. What I found is, SCORM can only report one result slide in the LMS, which is somehow failing the entire learning system, especially when it comes to enhancing the skills.  We can use SCORM to evaluate learner's knowledge but cannot measure someone's skills only one assessment. That's the gap, I would like to fill in with the help of xAPI.

I will not suggest anyone go crazy about xAPI and start tracking every slide. In this demo, I am just sending  "Passed or Failed" status via xAPI statements on each skill. But I agree, I may need to come up with the video to demonstrate how this done.