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Nov 10, 2016

Hey there all, I have searched around on the site and cant seem to find anything involving this. I have a slide with several layers and I would like to have the base layer AND another layer to be shown when the slide loads. I know I could put a trigger on timeline start show layer x, but when viewing the module you will see the base layer first and then layer x shows. I would like it to show them both by default.

Hope this makes sense.

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Lewis Brennan

Hi Christian, 

You can definitely do this in Storyline! Just make sure to add a trigger for BOTH layers on page load. 

Really important too is to click on the little cog by the layers in your 'Slide Layers' panel and uncheck 'Hide other slide layers'. If you miss that step both layers will be triggered, but the last layer to show will hide the one before- a useful tip is to always read the Trigger Panel from top down, thats how storyline will load in those actions!

Hope that helps, let us know how you got on.



Christian Cuneo

One of the layers is the base layer for the slide, so it is already shown when the page loads/ before the timeline starts. Then when the timeline starts you see the layer shown by trigger.

All my layers already have the 'Hide other slide layers' box unchecked so that is not the issue.

I am just trying to avoid the delay between the page loading and the timeline starting so both the Base layer for the slide and layer x show simultaneously.

I will try and make a quick demo that demonstrates the issue.

Lewis Brennan

I see, that makes sense. Personally I've never noticed a delay in layers showing on page load, but I can imagine that if you have lots of triggers/actions or animations this could introduce enough lag between page load and layer load for it to be noticeable. 

First step would be to make sure that you are triggering the layer load as 1st action, and that might solve it.

If not, the easiest way to fix this is to put everything you have on the base layer onto its own layer and trigger both the original layer and the new 'base layer' layer on timeline start. That should eliminate any delays, though might cause functionality issues if you have lots of other stuff happening on the slide. 

I could still be getting the wrong end of the stick so if you send an example I'm sure I or one of the excellent heros can help you out.


Christian Cuneo

I believe you are correct in that there is just a lot of triggers and layers on the frame. It does take a few seconds for the frame to load. I was unable to upload an example frame, when I tried to make a quick demo module I did not encounter the delay. I did think about moving the base content to another frame but that would defiantly break a ton of functionality..

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