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Sep 05, 2016

I created a simple menu that resides in the Master slide (and one layer in the Master slide). The first click opens the menu, the second click closes it.

It is created using only 2 motion paths and a few triggers.

Menu expanded

Live preview available here.

Source attached, dig around. :)

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Daniel Bolia

Hi Nejc, Thank you for the prompt response. I'm not sure why it continues to download as a zip. I changed the extension to .story after the download and all is well. Thanks again for sharing the sources. I also found your post on Interaction - unhide things using another object on hover very useful.


Daniel Bolia

I really like the concept for a slide out menu as shown in Nejc's example. Based on his example, I created an SL file with a bottom slide out menu. This example contains multiple hyperlinks to other slides within the course to more fully demonstrate its functionality.

Preview is available here; If you'd like to see my solution view the attached SL file.


Nejc Žorga Dulmin

Hi, Daniel,

nice bottop-up version. Personally I would prefer to use the motion paths instead of in and out animations to get a smoother effect (as you can see, the menu twitches a bit, when it comes all the way down). Instead of using many layers for each menu item, you could create a variable to know which menu item was clicked. Something like:

Trigger to adjust the variable: "adjust variable "menu_item" to "menu item 1" when user clicks Menu item 1
Trigger to move the menu: "change state of menu to hidden (or move on motion path for exit) when user clicks Menu item 1"

I hope that was clear. :)

Daniel Bolia

Hi Nejc,

Like you, I also like the smoothness of the motion path. However, I could not quite figure out an easy way to keep the menu with all its links moving together. If I'm not mistaken, your solution to this problem is to have the links appear after the menu is in place after the move. If you have a sample file with working links, I would love to see it.

Thanks for the tips on using variables as an alternative to multiple layers.

craig leoni


Thank you very much for your quick reply that's great I will try it that way

Thank you

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