Sliders to Freeform - is that a silly question?

Since the slider controls appeared in SL2 (terrific addition) I've sort of assumed that 'Convert to Freeform' would allow creation of a quiz slide with sliders (or that there would updates to the range of quizzing slides to include such a thing)

I haven't used the convert functionality for a while and I was surprised it's not possible? Is this likely to be a very lonely feature request or do others think that this would be useful?


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Nicole D

I am using sliders in a waste stream story where users choose none, small amount, moderate amount, large amount. There are no right/wrong answers - just how much waste they are producing in different areas. There are multiple sliders throughout the story. I have all the responses showing on a final slide that I want them to print. Unfortunately the javascript print code does not work in Chrome or Firefox (see this thread.) So I thought I could use a result slide with the built in print button. How would I do this with a slider that has no right/wrong answer? Thank you!

Nicole Brady

HI Michael, 

Your soccer example is similar to something I am trying to accomplish. I am working on a project where coaches assess the quality of a video of a skater between -3 and +3. Based on their reply they would be correct or incorrect based on some guidelines we  have already covered. 

Can you elaborate on your soccer example? Specifically which triggers were set up. 

Thank you so much in advance. 

Ralf  Baum

Hi Nicole,

due to the fact that I saw how Michael created his soccer quiz during his session at the European Tour I will try to explain the different steps.

1.Step: When you use a slider you have a variable. The default name of the variable is: slider1

2.Step: Insert 2 checkboxes. Place them on your desktop.

3.Step: Make a freeform question of this slide. Choose "Pick one"

4.Choose one of the checkboxes as correct in the form view.

5.Go back to the slide and change the status of the other button to "selected"

6. The freeform question needs an answering. We make this with the slider1 variable.


Change status of Button 1 (the one you have chosen as correct answer)

to selected

if Slider1 = 2  (here you can choose your value)



we must care about the "wrong"-button. At the beginning it is selected because there is no correct answer.

Change Status of Button 2 (the one with the wrong answer)

to normal if Slider 1 = 2 (choose the correct value)


If the user clicks on the submit button, the quiz works

That is the main idea: Of course you will need more triggers to reset the value but this is quite logically. Important is the step to understand that your slider variable changes the status of a button that is used in a quiz.

BTW: Great idea, Michael