Snapshot focus effect in Articulate Storyline

Oct 23, 2012

Here are a couple ways to build the snapshot focus effect in Articulate Storyline. It's one of my favorite techniques for quickly creating interactive scenarios or "ask the expert" style interactions.

I can think of a few more ways to approach this in Storyline... So, if anyone's interested in adding to the demo pool on this one, go for it

Version 1: Demo | Source | Tutorial

Version 2: Demo | Source | Tutorial

The effect was first shared by Linda in PowerPoint.

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David Anderson

Hey Bruce -

That's right: the feedback masters are used for slide layers while the slide masters are used for base layers.

I can think of another use case: faux lightbox slides. Remember this example: custom lightbox slides? In that one, I added a black rectangle w/light transparency to simulate the lightbox effect. Well, I could have right-clicked the background and applied a solid fill (with transparency) to simulate the rectangle. To view that formatting, I could go to View > Feedback Master and made additional adjustments.

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