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David Anderson

Hi Eva and welcome to E-learning Heroes!

Here are some sites I found for "food service" + "stock photography" photo sites:


Shutterstock - Food Service (one of my favorite sites)

Inmagine - food service

Foto Search - food service

Super Stock


I hope that gets you started. We also have a comprehensive list of stock photo sites. You could try a few of the more popular and recommended sites on the list to see what else comes up.

Stock Image Sites (big list!)

Matt Lobel

A search on restaurants on our site brought up some nice imagery from your industry:  http://www.elearningstock.com

Sorry I can't post the exact URL, but our URLs are not precise to the search yet (we are working on that!).  Would love to know if you find what you are looking for.  We are a new site, catering just to the elearning industry, and so feedback is greatly appreciated!!