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Aug 30, 2015

Hi there, 

I'm looking to build a 'stroop test' in storyline as part of a module that I'm developing. A stroop test is where you are required to name the colour, not the word. There are two parts to the test [part 1] the text colour and word are written in the same, ie the word pink is written in pink. [part 2] requires the user to, again, name the colour, not the word. This time the word differs from the text colour used ie the word pink is written in orange. The user must identify orange, not pink. 

I'd like to be able to time each part of the test. I have two questions:

1. Is it possible to set up a timing function for each test?

2. Is it possible to compare the two times post-test? eg Part 1 took you 17 seconds and Part 2 took you 33 seconds?

Thanks very much. 


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Nicole Legault

Hi Mel!

Thanks for posting your question here in the forums.

There is 1 built in Timer option available in Storyline. You can use a timer in a quiz by adding one to a Results slide following these instructions: Adding a Time Limit to Your Storyline Quiz. However, using this technique you won't be able to compare the two times.

Another option you might want to look at is this countdown .story file created by Community Member Michael Hinze... it might be helpful for this situation! >> Adding a Timer To a Storyline Course. 

Hope this helps! :) 


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