sync video and narration

Jun 21, 2011


Can i know how to silent the sound from the video while playing narration? something we want to play the video that insert after narration..

Ur help are appreciated..

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Jenny Wang

If I understand you correctly, you'd like to:

1. Play the narration first.

2. Play the video second.

I assume you inserted an FLV video? If so, in Articulate > Insert Flash Movie > How Should this Movie Behave

  • Check Movie Plays Independently
  • Enter the seconds Start Movie After ??? Seconds

You may also use a placeholder of video, e.g. a picture, during the narration, so when the audio is played, there is something to look at on the screen. After the narration is played, the video will show up to replace the placeholder.

Hope this works for you.

Jenny Wang

1. If you want your entire video to be silent, you may mute that in the video editting software first. Then insert it to Articulate.

2. If you only want the first part of the video to be silent while the narration is played, it seems hard to do only in Articulate. Maybe you could time the narration, e.g. 10 seconds. Then make the first 10 seconds of the video silent in the video-editting software. Then insert it into Articulate.

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