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Helen Greetham

We've done this a few different ways.

Option 1 - Storyline Default


The easiest way is probably to use Storyline's default player which allows you to click through to part of a course at any point from a menu on the left hand side. This doesn't require any extra work - just create the course using scenes and slides. You can customise the colours in the player options. 

If you'd rather have more control or you don't want to take up valuable space with the sidebar menu, you have lots of other options. 

Option 2: Lightbox

You could create a visual menu which appears in a lightbox (so overlain over each slide). To do this, create a slide  with visually interesting buttons linking to each of the available sections. You can use images or icons which represent the different topics. 

Here's a quick and simple example of what I mean:

Then, create a MENU button which you can put on each slide. If you want to save time, you could do this on the Slide Master which will put it onto all your slides for you. 

Add a trigger to the menu button to lightbox your menu slide. 

Option 3 - Sidebar menu

Option 2 is to create a bar menu, similar to the default storyline one, but which only appears when you click your menu button. 

Create a layer on your slide master, (or on each individual slide, but that might take a while...) with links to all of your sections, like this. 

Then, add a trigger to your menu button to show your menu layer when it is clicked. 

Final tip- 

I don't know how familiar and confident you are using variables, but here is an advanced tip if you are!

Whether you're creating a sidebar menu or a lightbox menu, you can make certain sections unavailable by putting a disabled state on the buttons which link to those sections. 

You can then use variables to make those sections become available later on in the course. For example at the end of Section 1, you can create a "Section1Complete" variable and set it to true. Then you can put a trigger on your menu that if Part1Complete = true, then make the state normal not disabled. This helps you to make aspects of your course more linear if you need to.

This ended up being much longer than I meant it to be - hope it helps!