The best way to adjust number variable in every slide

Hello friends!

I would like to assign a number variable to each slide. Fox example, slide 1.1 (variable=1), slide 1.2 (variable=2), slide 1.3(variable=3).

I use trigger "adjust variable" to handle this case. But I need to do this many times if the course contains many slides. I also afraid that there will be some mistakes if do this manually, because the number should be use one time in the project, can't repeat use.

May I ask if there any smart way in this case? Thanks a lot!




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Alexandros Anoyatis

This is probably still the most foolproof way of tracking the current slide.

There are other ways of course, such as adding or subtracting, but that only works on linear courses and it's still prone to errors (on slide restarts or course resumes etc).

Sometimes diging the tunnel yourself is the only surefire way to reach the other side... :)


Hope this helps,