The Trouble with Triggers

Jan 12, 2012

Hey Heroes,

Okay, this is not really an Articulate question, but I'm hoping someone can help me.  I'm making a rush PowerPoint presentation that will possibly become an Articulate presentation.  There are many animated slides with air flow patterns on them.  I don't want the animation to start as soon as the slide comes up, so I was thinking of using a trigger, that way I could also repeat the animation.  I've tried to attach a trigger to the first step of the animation, but it takes that step and moves it to the bottom of the animation list. and only affects that one step. 

How do I set a trigger to begin the full animation?  Any help is appreciated, I need to figure this out today   A sample file is attached.


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Kristen Hull

It seems like looping an animation series on a single PowerPoint slide is kind of a pain.  The only method that I found to work was by using a Custom Slide Show (it has the looping animation option) created for just the one slide.  It is triggered by an action button.  Then I had trouble stopping the looping, so I added a Next button.  I'm not sure if this is what you were asking for, or if it will even work for your presentation...but have a look.

Kristen Hull

I am in PowerPoint 2007, by the way, and wouldn't know how to do this in other versions.  Here is what I did (it took some fiddling; I hope I get everything!  And honestly, there could be an easier way to do this stuff, but I never found it.)

Copy the slide with the anmiation.  I will call them Slide one and Slide two to tell them apart.

Slide one, I removed all the animations.  I add an Action Button under Insert>Shapes> Action Button.  I changed the color to green under Format Shape.   We will hyperlink this button shortly.

Go to Slide Show > Custom Slide Show> Custom Shows

New> Name the slide show and select Slide two

Go to Set up Slide Show.  Under Show options, click Loop Continuously until ‘Esc’. 

                On Advance slides, choose Using Timings, if present.

Back on Slide one, right click the Action button.  Edit Hyperlink (or add one?).  On Mouse Click, select Hyperlink to (from dropdown) your custom slide show.  Click OK.

From Slide one, right click the Action button and Save as Picture.  Insert this picture into the same spot on Slide two.  (Actually, maybe this could be a non-hyperlinked action button.  Hm, I tried so many things, that I ended up creating the picture at one point…perhaps it isn’t necessary?)

On Slide Two, insert an Action button from Insert>Shapes> Action Button.  This allowed me to get out of the continuous loop without hitting Esc (which always ended the presentation for me).  Use Format to change the colors and add text (I entered NEXT SLIDE).  Right click to edit Hyperlink and choose Slide #whatever is next.

I hope that is all!  Let me know if I have completely confused you and I will try to clarify it.  Maybe you can improve the process!

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