Thoughts on Online Content delivery to individual people

Hi everyone,

Me and a friend have found an opportunity to leverage our combined skills and are looking into the possibilty of selling our own produced online courses in to a special niche. What I'm now looking for is a content delivery system / LMS that could work for this.

In our dreams It would work something like this. Person buys access to Course A from our webpage, the buy somehow auto-generates login and password in the content delivery system / LMS and automatically sends this information to the buyer. Would I need an e-commerse system to do these things or how do I set this up?

I'm well versed in the LMS world for use inside large corporations, but our use would be quite different, as we would "sell access" to specific courses to individuals. Do anyone here knows of an LMS that could work for this? Do we even need an LMS? or could we just protect a simple html-page with some kind of login?

bring on the ideas =)



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Victoria Mudraya

I think it is possible and even rather easy to achive using Wordpress. Plus you'll need a Wordpress membership plugin. There are many now, but I've used Woocommerce (can work if configured properly but not exactly what you need - better for separate products) and Paid Membership Pro - exactly what you need from my experience - the plugin is easy to use and offers even automatic monthly payments.

Jonathan  Olsson

@Phil - Thanks! I had a look at the Learndash site but it seemes that it's a bit to focused on content creation, I'm more into just the delivery. I have Storyline to create the content Docebo also seemed an alternative. I'll look it up further.

@Victoria, yes, A wordpress solution would be the best as the site we use today is built on wordpress. I read up on Paid membership pro and that could really work! thank you bigtime!



Caroline Lawless

Hi Jonathan,

Have you checked out LearnUpon? It's an online learning platform that allows you to easily upload eLearning content to create and sell courses and it's affordable too!

With LearnUpon's LMS you can create your own branded eCommerce store and payment can be processed via PayPal, or Stripe. If you'd like to try it out for yourself we offer a no commitment free 30 day trial. If you'd like to find out more just drop us a mail at

Kind regards,


Digital Marketer @ LearnUpon

john faulkes

Hi Jonathan,

It may be you don't need a full-featured LMS. it sounds that you do need something that will enable people to register, pay and then get automated access details emailed to them. They can then login, logout, change password; perhaps buy a different module on your list, etc.

Most solutions would incorporate PayPal, which is convenient for you and trusted by credit-card purchasers.

We've built a simple system like this for several clients. Easy to adapt. Happy to chat!


Kate Salvan


A correctly chosen platform like LMS can save you a bunch of time, exempt you from a necessity to manage all the materials manually and give you a full control over your e-courses. To choose the LMS right, pay a particular attention to such criteria as the LMS pricing strategy and ecommerce tools integration.

Talking about price, it is worth to mention, that any LMS implementation requires investments. It doesn’t matter whether your LMS is free or commercial. While free learning managements systems don’t have an initial payment, they require adaption, customization, improvement and maintenance services that can become expensive. Commercial learning management systems in turn charge for a license, however cut staff recruiting costs.

Choosing LMS, consider ecommerce tools integration and course selling methods to have multiple payment options available.

If you are still in search, look at JoomlaLMS (requires Joomla! CMS to operate)

It is quite good concerning ecommerce field:

  • Different types of native subscription
  • Different payment methods (2Checkout,, Offline bank transfe,Paypal Standar,WorldPay Select Junior)
  • Multiple subscription checkout
  • Recurrent payments
  • Issue invoices
  • Coupon codes
  • View detailed payments statistics
  • VirtueMart integration