Tracking score and survey data manual

Mar 10, 2022

Dear experts,

Our team want to use define variable to save score and the action of learning in practice and survey (we don't use graded question, freefrom or survey). 

For example, we create 4 variable score1, score2, score3 and scoretotal to save to score the learner get in practice 1, practice 2, practice 3 and total score of 3 practice. After that we also create the survey to get the feedback of the learner about the course. we use checkbox and button set to create this survey. the user will answer that they whether they like the course or not (yes/no question). 

We want to track the score and the answer of learner in this course. But we haven't know how to track that in our LMS. We use the CMI5 or xAPI standard. Can everyone help us to track the data.

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Ron Katz

It sounds like integrating xAPI statements into your Storyline course would be the best option.  In the searchbox above, search for articles on xAPI.

Since you didn't provide a lot of detail, I created this Storyline interaction based on what you stated above.  You can use it as a basis for beginning to create what you want.