Oct 03, 2019

Hello. In my export file, if I leave various Translate rows blank will the resulting import file delete the corresponding English text? Or will the English text remain as it was?

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Judy Nollet

For translations, I've typically exported to Word using the option to Include "Original Text" column for reference. The translated text is put in the "Translate this column" column, which is what gets imported. If, instead of a translation, the text is deleted from a row in that column, then the English text would be deleted and replaced with nothing when the file is imported back into the Storyline file.

To maintain English, you could mark the rows that you don't want translated. For example, highlight them in a special color. Or figure out another way to tell the translators to not do certain rows (e.g., if you want to keep the file's scene and slide names in English, tell them not to translate any row where the ID ends in ".name}").

Anyway, that's how it works using Word. I've never exported to an XLIFF for translation. However, I'd assume the same basic functionality appies. In other words, if you delete text in a Translate row, then Storyline will likely interpret that as a decision to delete the English text in the course. You could test this by creating a 1-slide course, exporting it, deleting text from a row, and then re-importing.

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