Unseen Timeline? Why Does My Slide Pause?

I have developed a complex, multi-layered slide built in SL2. I'm frustrated because the timeline on a couple of the last layers pauses (in preview & when published) and must be jump-started using the PLAY button to get it past that sticking point. 

In isolation, the one slide layer plays perfectly. I suspect there is something about the timeline on an underlying layer that is causing the hangup, but my troubleshooting skills thusfar have not been up to the challenge to figure out the "root cause of the pause!"  How can I see what is hanging this up? Any advice?

Attached is a 2-slide story:

  • Slide 1 (Layer Only: Consumer Crop) plays as expected.
  • Slide 2 (Multiple layers) demonstrates the PAUSE problem on 2 layers: Consumer Crop & Service Crop.  (NOTE: the Base Layer is simply a trigger to the other layers because in my actual project these layers ride on top of a different base layer + 5 other layers) 
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Pedro Fernandez

Hi Brad.

I took a look at your Storyline sample file and I could not find an errant pause in any of the layers. 

The Downstream Effects, Service Crop, and Consumer Crop are all pausing as expected: at each queue point. Based on the triggers you have set it is pausing in all the right places.

I took a look at your course in Storyline360 if that makes any difference (shouldn't).

Pedro Fernandez

Found it.

There is an extra trigger on the button causing the pause. Just a wild guess here but it appears that SL360 handles trigger timing in a "better way" because I don't experience the pause at all.

So in SL2 I experienced the pause. When I removed the RESUME trigger from the Service Crop button everything worked as expected.

Brad Pepin

"XXXXXX"... <--  that's me kissing your feet, Wendy Farmer!  That did the trick!

Looking at this, I'm still not clear on why re-sequencing these triggers on this slide makes a difference on the performance of the timeline of the next (triggered) slides. Can you (or anyone) provide me any insights as to WHY so I can program around this in the future?  ~Brad