Problem with layers - Please help

Can some one please help me with fixing these layers?

I want them to run on a timeline with viewers just see the text change (displayed on layer 1 and 2) as the timeline progresses.

It will be great help if you can please show it on the file and also elaborate the steps for me to learn.

Many thanks


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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Amanda, I have edited your file and attached it for you. I probably would not set up this up using layers ( I would have just done the text builds all on the base layer) but since you did it this way I will step you through how to set it up.

The problem you are having is that you did not tell storyline when to show the layers so I added a trigger on the base layer to tell storyline to show the first layer when the timeline ends, and then added a second trigger to the layer to tell storyline to show the second layer when the timeline ends.

Note that the timeline on the base layer is set to 21 seconds so that is how long your users will have to read the text before it shows the first layer. If you want to give them more or less time then you will have to adjust the length of the timeline. The same is true of the timelines on the layers.

Hope this helps

Amanda Coliette

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for the information. Really appreciate it

I am still learning storyline. Can you please advise how to display the content on all the layers including base layer on a player (with play and pause button , when they view the content)? Is it possible if you can please show it in storyline.

Also what options I can give users to skip content or if they have finished reading it before the assigned time , they can move forward.

Thanks heaps