USB Mic Preamps for Rode NT1-A Mic

Apr 02, 2014

I know the Rode NT1-A is a very popular and i was wondering how you use it?

I've recently bought one and i want to connect it to my PC.

One that has really taken me a back is the cost of the Mic/USB Preamps, some of them are even more expensive than the Mic. 

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Howie Pearson

Thanks for these.

I previously worked on a Macbook mic and the quality of audion was superb. My new PC's mic is nowhere near good enough. 

The options aboveseem to vary quite a bit in price and i obviously don't want to run  the risk buying something not good enough. 

I work from home in a very quite office and i'm now a little unsure on the main benefits of going for say the Aphex versus the M-Audio. Can either of you offer any advice on this?

Jerry Reed

I run my NT1A through a Behringer Xynyx1222USB mixer. It supplies the 48 volts needed and the necessary pre-amp. The mixer interfaces directly to my PC via USB.  I love the setup and the noise floor is below -60db.  I won't complicate things with details about the PC but I can tell you I am running Ubuntu Studio Linux 13.10 and record using Audacity.

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