Using A Pre-Test for a RISE course

Apr 09, 2021

Hi Everyone,

So I've had a busy day and in the hope that sharing this will save other people doing this in future I thought I'd post a solution I came up with today. 

As a company we are moving to testing before people take e-learning and then offering the option to complete the full module if they pass and making them take the full module if they fail. This is simple enough in Storyline, but people I work with prefer RISE content.  

I have to stress this may not work for everyone depending on your LMS but most will have similar functionality. So to enable us to do this I've blended RISE and Storyline by using 2 modules.

STEP 1 Create and upload the full rise module without the pretest but with your final test or completion trigger
STEP 2 - Create your pretest using Storyline 360 
STEP 3 - On the failure layer of the results slide place a link to the RISE module within your LMS, We use SAP and I had to add it to a public catalogue and then generate a direct link.
STEP 4 - When the link is clicked this will open the RISE module
STEP 5 - Set completion to Pass / incomplete this means if the pre test is passed the module will mark as passed and complete, If not it remain outstanding on the learning plan and the second module will have been added 
STEP 6 Upload your Storyline Module to your LMS
STEP 7 Add the RISE module as a substitute for the Storyline pretest, this means when someone passes the RISE module both will be marked as complete.

Obviously you can alter this to your LMS and I suspect other LMSs have this built in but if not some variation on this should work for you. 

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Brian Daji

It isn't possible to do it within RISE itself, hence the horribly complex option above.

You might be able to link 2 RISE modules together, but I don't think it would be as robust and there would be ways for people to manipulate the system so they could fail the pretest and then be able not complete the second module. Would work for a small organisation where you could manually audit.

Using the storyline 360 module as the first stops the ability to manipulate it, I can provide a template with the triggers set if that helps.

Brian Daji

Hi Marianel,

I've attached my storyboard stage with triggers, which would leave you all the content to add and the formatting of the slides to suit your organisation.

If you would like any help feel free to contact me by clicking my name icon and using the contact button. If I have the spare time I'm happy to help.