Using Articulate Studio

Jan 04, 2022

Hello, I am curious how are you using Articulate Studio?  We mainly use Storyline and Rise, but had someone ask when would you use Studio instead of Rise since it seems to have a lot of the functionality included in Storyline.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Michele,

Like Rise, Studio is form based. It's based in PowerPoint, and I can imagine that some folks might prefer that. Also, SMEs can do some/most/all of the writing and designing on their own. If one sees that as a good thing, then Studio could be the way to go.. 

Personally, I haven't used Studio for years. Storyline gives me more control. And if a course is simple enough to be form-based, then I use Rise, because it's fully responsive. 

Nancy Woinoski

I agree with Judy and also have not used Studio in years. If you are looking for a fast way to convert a Powerpoint presentation to an online format, Studio is a good option but you can also import PowerPoint into Storyline.  I guess it is also useful if your organization has any legacy training that was done in Studio that might need updating.

Bianca Woods

Hi Michelle,

That's a great question. While I can't speak for all users, here in the discussion boards where I tend to see people mentioning using Studio 360 most are connected to the two areas Judy and Nancy mentioned: people who are either more comfortable working in PowerPoint and never moved over to Storyline 360 or Rise 360 as well as people updating older content that was originally developed in Studio.