Video editing-where to learn it and how to do it for free

Sep 04, 2015

Good morning, E-Learning heroes!

I am looking for advice/resources on where I can learn some simple video editing techniques and also find some free software to use. My company does not want to buy new video editing software. I'm not looking for anything too fancy, as I will mostly be recording interviews in an office and Human Resources videos.

Thank you!




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Rachel Barnum

"(awesome name, by the way)!" Same to you :)

Windows comes with Movie Maker, a simple movie editing tool. If you don't already have it installed, you can go here to download. It's not anything fancy but it's solid.

For audio, Audacity is always highly recommended for editing, and it's free. So if you're doing voice over, use Audacity to get rid of any background noise and cut it down. 

For learning both, and for learning video in general, I'll recommend It's not free, but if your library offers it, then you can get it for free. I live in DC, and when I search "DC Library" I am brought to their page - I'm able to log in with my library number.

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