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Jerson  Campos

One thing I noticed about captivate and video is that they don't play very nice together. When I've tried importing video into captivate, and then it gets converted to FLV (or FL4) it still won't play most of the time. When I publish it, I just get a screen that looks like it's loading. So it may not be you doing something wrong, it may just be the many glitches that captivate has (and adobe refuses to fix).

Beverly Scruggs

Tim, you hit the nail on the head. Adobe/Captivate has no community, period. When we started creating e-learning several years ago, we bought Captivate because it was recommended by our IT folks. I almost pulled my hair out learning the darn thing. When things went wonky, I had to dig to China to find an answer...if there was one.

Then I stumbled across the Articulate community. What a difference. It's one of the reasons I begged and pleaded until my boss got the Studio package (mostly to shut me up, I think). Now I never use Captivate, and I'm currently using the trial version of Storyline. It's time to start begging and pleading again. Storyline is awesome!