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May 03, 2012

I need to create some interactions for a PPT that our facilitators will be teaching. Has anyone created interactions for use in WebEx/Adobe Connect/eLuminate type of presenting forum? Does anyone have some resources for such interactions that you can point me to?



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Dimitri Roman

Hi Andy,

We use webex at our company the moset common interactions are:

Rais hands



More uncommon

Annotation tools

Web browser

I am a big fan of chat and annotation, when you release the annotation tools the child is unleashed in your participants.

2 great books:

Great Webinars: How to Create Interactive Learning That Is Captivating, Informative and Fun by Cynthia Clay

The Virtual Presenter's Handbook by Roger Courville

Both writers organise free webinars on regular basis, there you can see these techniques in live action



Stephanie Harnett

I have used Quizmaker and Storyline creations to proivde fun interactivity (drag 'n drop, etc) to participants. Webex as a utility to convert multimedia content (swf) into it's UCF format. You can pre-create those materials and then upload the UCF files into your session. It works well. I've also create opening loops and session breaks with music, tips and timers using powerpoint slides or convert the PPT slides to UCF to ensure all animations, sounds, etc are properly played back when in the session.

Jamie Hamilton


Can someone elaborate on this? I am attempting to do the same thing. I would like to have the interaction slides be able to be completed by multiple individuals in the same class, but then go back to the instructor led all in webex. Example: a poll quiz, or matching quiz in an instructor led course over webex where each individual can do the interaction separately, but then the results can be shared by instructor for all answers. 

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