Webinar in Articulate 360?


I would like to know if you are planning to develop a webinar function in Articulate 360 in the near future?

I do not mean the webinars which are on offer to explore the different aspects of Articulate 360, rather a tool which would enable instructional designers to create webinars for their own course.

Thanks for your answer,


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Tarek Maaraba

Hi Allison,

Per Julie's question, I can say from experience how awesome it would be if Articulate incorporated a GoToWebinar(TM) function within it's platform. I'm tired of paying for a webinar service separate from a e-Learning platform and other software elements. A one-stop-shop e-learning platform would truly make Articulate the leader in e-Learning offerings. My organization uses GoToWebinar for webinars now and was thinking of adding the GoToTraining platform to gain access to features that are purposely not offered in GoToWebinar. I'm giving Articulate an idea to take features from GoToWebinar and GoToTraining to make an ID-centric webinar platform that let's us give webinars and trainings - regardless of which GoToWebinar/Training platform we use. And yes, they are the easiest versus Adobe Collaborate and others.