What are the differences in functionality for resets?

Oct 22, 2018

It appears to me that when you have a simple screen with some action and you have a "reset to initial state" it usually works. When you have a KC and you wish to have a Try Again action, the "reset to initial state " does not work. When you try changing each of the variables to "reset to saved state", "reset to initial state" and "automatically decide" there does not appear to be any difference in what you select to use. Can someone please explain the differences in functionality of these reset options when in a simple screen with and action and again in a KC screen with a Try Again. Thanks.

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Dave Goodman

Thanks Michael - familiar with that resource but the issue remains - there is no resetting under any circumstance in this situation. Everything is set to "reset to initial state" but there is no resetting. Specifically, a simple drag and drop being used as a KC with a retry button for a total of two tries. The original placement of the drop items are not being reset.

Nancy Woinoski

The only way I have managed to get a drag and drop to reset on a retry is to set the slide to reset to initial state,  then on the retry layer put a trigger to jump to a blank slide when the timeline stars. This blank slide should have a trigger that jumps back to the drag and drop slide when the timeline starts.

It is a pain to have to do this but it works. I think the problem is that the reset slide trigger only works when you completely leave a slide and then returm which is not the case when trying to trigger a retry from a layer.

David Tait

If I want to reset an interaction I'll have a button that jumps to the same slide when clicked. The slide is set to reset to initial state. This effectively leaves the slide and returns to the same slide as per Nancy's comment. Trouble with this is that you'll have to create the logic for the number of attempts yourself unless you don't mind unlimited.

Retry never leaves the slide and I guess is designed so that a learner can reassess their options and amend accordingly, as opposed to starting again.

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