What industry sector do you work in?

Hi all.

I always enjoy looking at profiles to see if contributers have listed where they're from - geographically and industry - not everyone lists this info though.

So - what kind of industries do you work in? I'm curious to know what areas have embraced e-Learning the most. I've noticed a lot of posts from people in the Healthcare sector here.

I've mostly worked in telecommunications, and implemented e-Learning frameworks (off the shelf and customised) in a couple of those companies. Now I'm in the world of insurance, and creating customised courses here.



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Sarah Tinson

Hi all,

Wow totally different areas so far

I've usually worked in permanent roles for corporates, but following redundancy mid-year I'm now doing a 12 month contract at an insurance company. Customised e-Learning was already in place, but I'm working on a project to create a learning framework which contains a lot of e-Learning. We're creating courses around insurance products, internal processes, regulation and legislation.

(And I'm in Auckland,  New Zealand by the way - miles away!)



CC  Heim Voiceover

Hey Sarah,

I'm a recent transplant to Texas from Massachusetts.  I'm a freelance voice over talent, and I specialize in eLearning narration (hence my affiliation on this site).  My most recent clients are Tiffany & Co. (tried to get them to pay me in trade -- no go! ), Les Schwab Tires, Royal Caribbean Cruises, MasterCard, and other random stuff.  

I'm here because I think in order for me to best be of service to my clients, I need to understand their needs fully.

K Hart

I'm in Healthcare in South Carolina!  We're slowly integrating more elearning.  I'm the only person converting classroom training into online learning at our hospital at this point although I think that may change as we impliment EHR and ICD10 through our main hospital and 60 physician practices.  We've purchased some vendor-created eLearning but we have so much home-grown traditional education, i think it's important to push that out through eLearning as well!

Rebekah Massmann

Great idea, it's awesome to see so many professionals from all over the world! I'm in the healthcare/pharmacy and customer service world right now. We have a large ID team, but a lot of our current training is instructor-led either in the classroom or virtually. I'm trying to push the envelope on getting more interactive e-learning solutions out there.

Oh, and I'm in Costa Mesa, CA, but my roots are in St. Louis, MO, and Little Rock, AR!