What industry sector do you work in?

Dec 06, 2011

Hi all.

I always enjoy looking at profiles to see if contributers have listed where they're from - geographically and industry - not everyone lists this info though.

So - what kind of industries do you work in? I'm curious to know what areas have embraced e-Learning the most. I've noticed a lot of posts from people in the Healthcare sector here.

I've mostly worked in telecommunications, and implemented e-Learning frameworks (off the shelf and customised) in a couple of those companies. Now I'm in the world of insurance, and creating customised courses here.



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Steven Leibensperger

I work in Arizona for the state medicaid program.  I've been creating e-learning CBT's for the past 4 years, mostly converting existing classroom employee new-hire training to CBT format (along with synchronous intructor-led facilitation).  Our team (3 people) created almost 500 courses in that time.  I also was the sole administrator for our LMS during that time.

Now, I've recently moved over to the agency's HR division where I'm making CBT's for the entire agency as well as acting as agency liaison regarding our LMS.

Gerry Caesar

I work in Washington state for a company that creates high speed networking equipment. I create web based and instructor led courses to help our users understand our markets, technologies, and customer applications. 

I've worked in the automotive and electronics industry for many years as a technical writer, training developer, and training deliverer.

Ant Pugh

Wow!! So interesting to hear all the different replies! And great to hear from so many of us who are lone souls in our respective businesses.... with the heavy burden of responsibility for being the experts at eLearning!!!!

Ok... so I would like to ask another question.. I see becoming a "successful rapid eLearning author" as requiring skills in 4 main areas:

1) training (understanding the theory of learning) 

2) technology/software (being able to use tools such as Articulate and Captivate etc.)

3) design (designing pretty slides and graphics)

4) SME (knowing about the subjects you are teaching)

  • First of all, do you agree with that breakdown?
  • and secondly, on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being poor and 10 being excellent), how would you rate yourself in each of these 4 areas?

I'll start!! For me - obviously modest  

1) training - 7

2) technology/software - 5

3) design - 6

4) SME - 3

Eric Bybee

Hello Sarah,

I am a trainer, designer & developer (you ought to see the cool hat I got with the job) for the IT department of C-Store company located in NC.  Our help desk is a couple years old now, and I am working on developing e-learning material for both new hire and continuing training.  For me, this has been a fantastic opportunity as I have made a career change to get here.  I like what I am doing, but at times wish there were just a couple more folks to spread the wealth.  The good news, I have no shortage of work for the next few years!

Melanie Sobie

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for posting this question to us all. It has been interesting reading the postings! Especially for those of us who are new to elearning and new to Articulate.

I work for the State of Wisconsin, Department of Corrections, and am one of two full-time elearning designers in our Training Center. We also have two classroom based training academies (probation and parole agents and correctional officers). Our little elearning unit produces online training modules on a variety of topics.

I have been in this position for less than a year and I can’t say enough how appreciative I am of the Articulate Community! All of the helpful tutorials, templates and active forum participation has been a godsend to me trying to get up to speed with this software.

My background, and career path, has all been in Human Resources. I have 16 years of HR public sector experience, mostly dealing with employee relations, grievances, disciplinary actions, appeals, performance management, equal employment opportunity, harassment  and discrimination investigations, etc.   I am really enjoying this transition from dealing with difficult people problems all day to dealing with fun and creative training problems all day.  I can see why anyone who enters the elearning world would never want to leave! I am having so much fun!

Vasily Ingogly

I work in IT for a brokerage company in Chicago, Illinois, and am using Articulate to create training material for the software platforms we use in IT (SharePoint  2010 and JIRA 4.4, principally). I'm in process of redefining my job description which I suppose will end up being titled something like Technical Communication Coordinator.Here's how I'd score myself:

1) 5

2) 10

3) 2 (though I have good design sense and make good choices)

4) 8

Bruce Graham


Self-employed, in the UK, near London.

Currently working for US-owned commercial/sanitisation company, EMEA-arm of a US food and beverage provider, US-based industrial fabricator, UK-based sales training company (eLearning voiceovers for manufacturing, stationary company etc), a very large UK Construction business, and a large UK charity.

Keeps me busy

Perhaps 7,7,6,2 ?

Good areas to rate - and I am always trying to learn more!


George Blake

Hello friends, i work for Gervais Group LLC.

The Gervais Group is comprised of a highly skilled team of IT professionals, copywriters, Search Engine Marketing experts, web designers, Search Engine Optimization Services and more.  We carefully select each member of our team, basing our choice upon their individual skill and successful track record.

Randy Rowley

Hey, let's keep this thread alive. I'm finding the variety really interesting.

I'm located in Lehi, Utah (near Salt Lake) and just started working for the Larry H. Miller group - they own the Jazz (NBA team), Energy Solutions Arena (where the Jazz play and a concert venue, etc.), a bunch of car dealerships, Fanzz Sports Apparel stores, Miller Speedway, a bunch of MegaPlex theaters and various other companies. Quite a wide variety of holdings, all of which need e-learning as part of their training program.

Previously, I worked for PMI, child company of National Marketing and Learning, where I led a team that produced hundreds of lessons for e-learning students around the world, including several universities and high schools.

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