What industry sector do you work in?

Dec 06, 2011

Hi all.

I always enjoy looking at profiles to see if contributers have listed where they're from - geographically and industry - not everyone lists this info though.

So - what kind of industries do you work in? I'm curious to know what areas have embraced e-Learning the most. I've noticed a lot of posts from people in the Healthcare sector here.

I've mostly worked in telecommunications, and implemented e-Learning frameworks (off the shelf and customised) in a couple of those companies. Now I'm in the world of insurance, and creating customised courses here.



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Janet Record

Hi there, My current employer is a tiny drug and alcohol education charity in Aylesbury in the UK.  We couldn't find enough affordable resources in our specialist area to take into the classrooms with us (primary and secondary) so we decided to make our own.  I did a bit of web design and learnt Flash for that so made use of it to create some simple interactive content for the school Smartboards.  This was successful so it spurred us on to have a go at creating e-learning for teacher training in how to deliver drug awareness lessons.  Now I'm hooked so look forward to doing some freelance work when our charity's funding comes to an end. I'm quite new to Articulate and am learning how to put courses on an LMS so find this site fantastically rich in help and advice.

Debbie Palmer-Mack

I am in Houston currently on contract with an energy company in the Technical Training Department.

Just left the avaiton business after 15 years last June. I was a flight attendant and worked in inlfight training for 11 years. That's where I learned everything, but I didn't know what I was until I decided to fly the coop!

Michael Grady

Just joined the group; found it as a result of researching Articulate products.  I have a armed forces background (USAF) followed by years in the manufacturing industry and business/education/youth apprenticeship partnerships.  Now enjoying my ISD position with Almon, a technical communications company based in Waukesha WI.  Would love to network more closely with all of you.

Tim Egan


I work in Portland, Oregon for a Compliance and HR software company. At the present moment, I am the Lead Technical Trainer in which I implement new customers on our system, as well as, create all computer based trainings for the system and for our customers. The industries we serve are Health Care, Automotive, Software/Tech, Banking/Finance, Trucking - pretty much any industry that has to follow strict state and federal regulations.

Dave Newgass

Hello All,

I am a director/owner of a health and safety training company in Hull, England. I have been in the U.K for a little over two years now but was born and raised in the Central California Coast.

We develop accredited health and safety eLearning courses that carry globally recognised qualifications (IOSH, NEBOSH).

Nice thread!  It's good to see such a cross section of talent.



Brian Stone

I work for a public school in South Africa with about 800 kids. I am rewriting the ICT School Syllabus for the 5th time now and transferring the courses to e-learning (currently using Captivate)

My hopes are to try and get the staff on board as well so people can stop asking me to come to the office because they forgot how to delete an excel worksheet...

Tony Donnelly

I work  for a multi-channel retailer based in Maine.  We're a retailer that helps customers enjoy the outdoors.   I've been there 23 years, enjoy the company and everything that the State of Maine has to offer my family.

I've morphed into the "elearning guy" at my organization.  Some of my colleagues are Articulate users while others design instructor-based programs.  My main tools are Articulate and Camtasia and enjoy working with them both.  I've also started to use video quite a bit in my design for some blended,  job-specific, skill-building courses that are pushed via mobile devices (ipod & ipad).

Elearning Heroes has become on of my main "go to" resources.  I really appreciate everyone's great insight the sharing that goes on here.

Cris smith

Hello all!!

This group is really all over the world!

I'm the only developer at Financial Strength Builder, in California. We create educational materials to educate adults and children on how to manage their debt, finances, and help the younger kids in making sure they know what personal finance really means.

I have to say that as an international business major from back in the day, seeing how elearning is all over the globe is fascinating!

Eimear O Neill


I'm in Seattle, working for a large Non Profit School that trains 50k Health Care workers in Washington state. I am one of 2 elearning ID's. Moving the org into more competent elearning that has more showing through storytelling and challenging scenarios verses just tell, tell,tell, yawnnnnn!

I'm so excited about storyline!

Claire Martin


I live in Jacksonville, Florida, and I work in the Prepaid Card Industry at FSV Payment Systems (headquartered in Houston, TX). I am the Product Analyst in the Product Design and Management department. Although my job is not specifically Learning & Development, I am in charge of creating material and training our Customer Service Representatives, as well as our Client Support and Implementations Teams. I absolutely LOVE my job, and due to the fact that I am still the "newbie", I am desperately searching for innovative training best practices that I can incorporate into my training plans. If you have any advice, I would love to hear from you!

So great to see such a wide variety of experiences here.

CC  Heim Voiceover

Welcome Claire!  It's so wonderful to have a job you love.  I've had jobs that I hated (one involved waking up at 2 am every day....) and since we spend so much of our lives working, it's important to do something you can feel passionate about, or at a minimum, enjoy.

Not sure if you have much of a use in your role for narrators, but if so feel free to hit me up.  I'm a pro full-time voiceover talent, and the bulk of my work is elearning and corporate projects. Everyone always thinks VO folks do tons of animation or commercials or video games.  I do some commercials, but the bulk of my work comes from corporate projects.  I love it!  My background in corporate communications gave me a real respect for ensuring narrated projects have the right tone and deliver the message in a comprehensible way. 

Welcome, again, to this forum.  I hope you'll enjoy it as much as you do your job!


mashrur nabi

I am currently based in Abu Dhabi working as the Safety & Quality Training Manager for Etihad Airways.

Implemented the Learning Management System for the company and drove the initial development of E-learning courses, majority of them developed in-house using Articulate Studios.

Some of my e-learning work is here http://www.mashrur.com/portfolio/

Does anyone else have portfolios online?

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