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Judy Nollet

Hi, Rachna,

I don't think there is a "perfect" size for all devices. The Preview function lets you see how a given course will look on different devices. Obviously, a wide course won't look good on a mobile device if the user holds the device vertically. Otherwise, the 16:9 aspect ratio works well. 

The real issue is the design. On a phone, it'd be difficult to read smaller text that would be quite legible when viewed on a desktop. So you'd probably need to use more slides to cover the same amount of text.

Also, buttons and links might need to be a bit bigger and have more space in between them for someone tapping with their finger vs. clicking with a mouse.

Thus, you'd probably need to design for a phone -- and realize that the screens might not look optimal on a desktop. 

Of course, this applies to Storyline courses, which maintain a fixed aspect ratio. One of the best things about Rise is that it's responsive, that is, it adjusts based on the device. So you might want to use that.