What LMS do you use? (Not an Articulate question)

Jan 20, 2022

Hi everyone, 

I have just started a new role in an organisation, in the field of eLearning and IT support. 

Previously, I have worked in other organisations that have had a pre-existing Learning Management System (LMS). I have worked with Moodle (including Totara and LearnBook plugins), as well as the Janison LMS. 

This organisation does not have an LMS, and part of my role is to assist in establishing one. I have never started an LMS from scratch, but I am excited by the opportunity to do so. 

What LMS' do you and/or your organisations use? Why do you use them? What are the pros/cons of your LMS? Estimated costs involved? 

In terms of eLearning authoring, we will likely be utilising Articulate Rise 360, with some interactivity engagement and support via Articulate Storyline 360 (imported into Rise), and the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. 

Any information would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Lanie Kepler

Hi Craig, 

This can be a tough one to answer... I have worked with a number of different ones in an academic setting and most recently am working with a new LMS in a private business setting. I will say the needs are very different in each setting, which is what should drive your choice.

My first suggestion would be to make a list to prioritize the needs of your organization. For example, number of users (learners) you expect, number of content authors (do you want multiple authors? How many in-house experts do you need) types of content (some LMS' require SCORM packages -using Articulate or other software- other do not), commitment to Accessibility, ability to customize the domain, do you need multiple domains, and on and on.... the list can really be endless.

Get input from those who have experience working with an LMS and then ask others of their ideal situation. In my experience, those who do not work with an LMS have a pretty limited view of what is possible. 

Cost can vary. Generally, it will come down to number of users and the type of support you get from the developer. If you are new to LMS or other people on your team are new, do a lot of research on the level of support you can expect. Larger, more "popular" LMS' have online forums, video tutorials, etc. Others, do not. The LMS I am currently using does not and I have to log a support ticket each time I need help. Usually turn around is in 24 hours, but I prefer having an online library of help videos. 

This can seem a bit overwhelming, but once you start getting an idea of what your business needs will be, that will help guide your next steps. I hope this was helpful!