When building training for software your company doesnt own, do you need to include Trademark symbols?

I was just thinking about this today since I'm about to start making a training for a Microsoft product. If I'm referencing the software name throughout the course do I need to include the ® or ™ symbol or anything when referencing that software?

My group usually does training for software that our agency owns, but this is one of the rare occasions when we are building a training for software owned by some other entity.

If it makes a difference, the training we are building isn't being used for profit or being sold in any way, its strictly for internal use only. Id just like to make sure I don't need to include anything extra in the name for legal reasons.


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Alexander Salas

Hi Jackson, in my experience this is more of a formality than a requirement.  You would not be infringing copyright law or else.  However, I would definitely include the logos where the obviously identify the product.  I also found this thread which gives some good explanations about the topic.