Which is faster to build for interactive wizard/decision tree? PPT or Storyline?

I'm creating an interactive wizard to walk sales people through the decision points to find the right approval and escalation path for credit requests. They're allergic to Visio documents and don't have time to puzzle over the table I received the content in so I started this in PPT/Studio with links to the appropriate slides after each choice. Now I'm wondering if it wouldn't be faster to do it in SL and publish for web. Thoughts? Any potential pitfalls or complications that I may not have thought of? Any ideas and input are appreciated!

I attached a shot of the opening page to give you an idea of what it will look like. Should be much more sales-friendly than a diagram. 

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David Tait

I'd say Storyline too, especially if you're already familiar with how to use the software.

It's easier to deploy to your learners, they can view it on multiple device types and if you need to make updates you just need to update the source and republish, rather than send out a new PPT deck to all of your learners.

As Ned rightly says, you have more opportunities to make the material engaging in Storyline that you would in PPT. You'll have to put the effort in to make it engaging but you have more tools available to help with this in Storyline.

Shannon McGinnis

Thanks, all. I'm sold! I'd originally thought it would be faster in PPT but as I worked on it, I really started thinking I was dumb for not doing it in Storyline. I imported it into Storyline yesterday and that was definitely the right call. It's built to do this and will definitely be more engaging and flexible. I'm not sure why it hadn't dawned on me before to use it for projects like this. 

I really appreciate everyone's input! I tested it where I'll need to host it (we sell and use an application called SecuriSync that competes with Box, Google Drive, etc.) and it works great. I'll just need to ensure Sales bookmarks the link I'll provide to the file.