Who here is freelance and/or self employed?

Jul 15, 2011

Curious about how you made the jump and would love to pick your brain or have someone I could ask a few questions off.  Had to leave my position at University of California to relocate with fiance to Indiana, and looking to start doing this on my own or subcontract for others.  If anyone is amiable to answering my questions, PM me.

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Gayla Keesee

I am looking at developing a freelance consulting business with an emphasis on higher education since that is my background. I have a Ph.D. in Educational Technology in Higher Education and have developed numerous online courses as well as training modules. I'm located in Asheboro, NC (just south of Greensboro)--wouldn't mind getting a job like Debbie did to pay the bills while I develop the contract labor part of the business. Any suggestions on how to do that would be great!  

Daniel Brigham


I'm a freelancer, going on about two years. First, decide, is this what you want? Meeting a few freelancers in your area will help make your decision. 


--you can make more money

--set your own hours

--turn down work that sucks

--focus on skills that interest you


--at the beginning there are lean months (you'll need some cash--four-month supply?)

--you'll work bizarre hours and your family will complain (even though they sort of understand)

--you'll need to spend big money on software and other elearning tools

--your clients will think you are the guru on anything that has to do with technology

--you'll be alone if you run it to technical problems (but hey that's what we are here for)

--you'll often work for free

Key takeaway: If you are good (or strongly believe you can be good), go freelance. Thus, YOU control your career. Feel free to PM with any questions you might have. btw, do you have a portfolio? --Daniel

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