Articulate 360 Review: Disable access to all but the current course version

Mar 20, 2017

Articulate Review is GREAT! Thanks for this wonderful tool!

Please share with me how I can restrict access for reviewers (who already received a link) to any version other than the current version?

Appreciate your help!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Terri - Glad to hear that you are loving Articulate Review :)

When you share a link out for others to review, the current version is what they will see.

I believe you are asking for a way to restrict them from manually choosing a previous version from that link. I could see where that may come in handy, and I will pass your suggestion on to our product team.

Paula Schmidt

Is there any way to restrict access to a course in Review 360 after you've given them a link to review.  The issue is we have a potential client who has reviewed the course and placed comments in Review 360.  We would like to keep them from accessing the course on Review 360 now, but preserve their comments in case they become actual clients and we resume the review process?