Articulate Review

Apr 17, 2024

Hi, I'm just wondering, does articulate review no longer show the slide numbers that comments refer to? I'm sure at the top of a comment it used to list the slide number, but I'm not seeing them now, which is a pain.. I've got three very similar video slides and I'm having to go through each one in order to find out which slide the comment refers to... Might I have changed a setting or something? Can I get the slide numbers back? 

Thanks, Paul. :-)

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Luciana Piazza

Hi Paul! 

Thanks for reaching out and sharing that you were able to find the slide numbers! I'm sure it will be helpful to others in the community who come across this in their own projects. 

The best way to possibly see a feature added is to submit a feature request. You can submit one here. If the request makes it onto our feature roadmap, we’ll make sure to update you in this conversation!