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Our team are currently using Articulate Review and we find that it's a great tool. However, we have found one thing that makes it slightly inconvenient for us. When one of the developers publishes to Articulate Review and starts doing different versions, this is fine as long as it was the same developer that published this they will be able to see comments from all these versions. The issue is when another developer from another account starts working on this same project and needs to see comments from previous versions for some reason. This developer will not be able to see this unless the first developer hasn't given them a shared link. 

Is there any way where we can collaboratively have product reviews and developers have access to all the reviews in one place? Or is it a case of creating a 'master' account and publishing from there so all of the reviews are under this one account. Please let me know.

Kind Regards


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Issa,

Great question! 

If your second author has the original Share link from Review, they should be able to see the feedback and the various versions even. Everyone who has access to that particular Review course will be able to see any comments that are left.

The ability to collaborate or jointly own a Review course sounds like an awesome idea - and I'd love if you could share a bit more about how you'd use this! That'll help me share with our Product team, or feel free to send it directly to them here!

Bob Mongiovi

I'm just now realizing that team members can't see each others published items!  This is not ideal, as I work with a team of developers, and it is not always the same person who works on our courses. 

So, if I work on a course, publish to 360, go through a few rounds of edits, and pass the next round of edits to another team member, they won't be able to add a new version to an existing item because I published it and not them?    This is not collaboration.   This should have been a basic feature from the start.

I'll also put in a feature request.  Is there a way to see what the status of feature requests are?  I've put in feature requests in the past and have no idea what their status is, or if they're even being considered.


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Bob.  Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts here -- everything you say makes a lot of sense, so I'm glad that you were able to submit a feature request.

This article will give you an idea of how we manage feature requests.  We don't have a public view of feature request status, but here in the community, we try to give you as much of an idea as possible about features that are in development.  Happily, we've released lots of new features since the launch of Articulate 360 and plan to keep doing so!

Lewis Fairbrother

Has there been any update with this? I really enjoy using Articulate products and have done for years now, but there are so many useful and valid feature requests I see posted on these forums and nothing ever comes of them. Almost every feature request post I've searched for this week has been over 2 years old and has multiple users expressing their interest in the feature, but still nothing?!

I'd suggest making your feature requests public, allow users to vote for them and implement the most requested features. 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Lewis!

The content published to Review 360 is specific to your Articulate ID. We haven't added a feature that allows multiple users to publish content to a team Review 360 account. 

I understand how it could be frustrating seeing feature requests posted years ago. We read and document every feature request that we receive. I wanted to share our feature request process with you. Here's the link. Our two main questions are:

  • Will this feature meaningfully improve the experience of working with our software?
  • Will it benefit a majority of users?

We are still updating this feature request so I'll be sure to add your comments. You're now subscribed to this discussion so you'll be notified when we have an update to share.

Lastly, it sounds like we are on the same wavelength in regards to how to track feature requests! We are in the process of looking at a similar approach as the one you've shared. 

James Sylvest

While using the review feature, is there a way for the uploaded versions from a single developer be transferred to another developer or the rest of the development team. We were using one developer to post on the 360 review site and we have quite a bit of customer comments/feedback and different versions. This developer is out for an extended period of time on leave and we would like to modify and upload new versions to the same original links provided to our customer and retain all versions and feedback.