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Anne DeFelice

Hi Ashley,

Thanks very much for your suggestion.

That's a good idea about using a different email address-I'll ty that next time.

I used the correct published version..I suppose it's possible I forgot to press Enter each time I wrote a comment, but it will have to remain a mystery!! I'll make sure to press Enter in the future, and if the comments disappear again I'll let you know!


Christina Brown, Air Line Pilots Association Int'l

Hi Anne,

Excuse me for chiming in, but I wanted to share that I have found that if you do "Shift +Enter" you can create breaks between paragraphs or separate lines on your own.  When sending projects out for review, Iike to include a set of instructions and 'quick-tips' for such as the "Shift+Enter" trick on the first slide for the clients/reviewers.  I have found it saves a bit of time and frustration.

Hope that helps.


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We have run into the same issue with comments disappearing. We had a client spend several hours adding comments but they are not saved when we look. Is there a way to check if there is a backup somewhere of the review work our client completed? Assistance here would be greatly appreciated - obviously, the client is not happy. 

Thank you,