Articulate Review Comments Not Saving

Dec 13, 2016

In my first project using articulate review, I can make  a comment, but it doesn't save. I've looked through all of the tutorials and there is nothing said about saving or another step after entering a comment to make it save as feedback. Please help?

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Anne DeFelice

Hi Ashley,

Thanks very much for your suggestion.

That's a good idea about using a different email address-I'll ty that next time.

I used the correct published version..I suppose it's possible I forgot to press Enter each time I wrote a comment, but it will have to remain a mystery!! I'll make sure to press Enter in the future, and if the comments disappear again I'll let you know!


Christina Brown

Hi Anne,

Excuse me for chiming in, but I wanted to share that I have found that if you do "Shift +Enter" you can create breaks between paragraphs or separate lines on your own.  When sending projects out for review, Iike to include a set of instructions and 'quick-tips' for such as the "Shift+Enter" trick on the first slide for the clients/reviewers.  I have found it saves a bit of time and frustration.

Hope that helps.


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We have run into the same issue with comments disappearing. We had a client spend several hours adding comments but they are not saved when we look. Is there a way to check if there is a backup somewhere of the review work our client completed? Assistance here would be greatly appreciated - obviously, the client is not happy. 

Thank you,


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