Lost Comments in Review

A client of mine recently held 2 review meetings, one on Aug. 16, the other on Aug. 20. Two modules were reviewed at each meeting.

Comments for each module were posted on Articulate Review, however, only comments for 1 of the 2 modules were recorded on each day.  Which translates to me having access to comments for two out of the four modules. 

Has anyone experienced a similar situation with Review? There were issues with the Articulate servers on Aug. 15th, and I wonder whether this had any impact on Review. 

I have contacted Support with this issue, however, their recommendations aren't helpful. 

I should mention that I only have one copy of each published module on Review, and I have checked the previous versions of each module for the missing comments. The client has successfully used the tool in the past with no issues.

Any thoughts on what might have happened? 

Thank you for your insight. 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Agnieszka

I saw you also sent in a Support case and that Michael was touching base with our team to look into those comments. Do you know approximately when the reviewers commented? 

Mamie and Phil,

Does it seem that you only lost comments recently or on a particular course? I don't see any Review status issues from last week on our Articulate Status page but, we could look into your individual courses if you can connect with our Support Engineers. We'll want to know 1) Your Articulate ID which published courses, 2) The course title, 3) the emails of any Reviewers who may have added comments, 4) if you have a general time period of when they added comments.

Let me know if you need anything else, and I'll also share this with the rest of my team to look into any broader issues on our end. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi all,

Thanks for your patience while our team looked into this issue. They were able to look specifically into Agnieszka's courses through her Support case and determined that there was a connection error from the user to our server at the time of posting. That's why the comments disappeared entirely. 

A browser refresh should fix the connection because it forces it to reconnect and re-initialize, and our team is looking into how we can better message this to reviewers in case it happens again.

In Agnieszka's case where we had some general timeframes to look for comments (thanks for sharing those with Michael!), the team was able to pull the comments and add them back in. They will be missing the screenshot, as that was not captured as a part of our error logging.