Lost Comments in Review

Aug 24, 2018

A client of mine recently held 2 review meetings, one on Aug. 16, the other on Aug. 20. Two modules were reviewed at each meeting.

Comments for each module were posted on Articulate Review, however, only comments for 1 of the 2 modules were recorded on each day.  Which translates to me having access to comments for two out of the four modules. 

Has anyone experienced a similar situation with Review? There were issues with the Articulate servers on Aug. 15th, and I wonder whether this had any impact on Review. 

I have contacted Support with this issue, however, their recommendations aren't helpful. 

I should mention that I only have one copy of each published module on Review, and I have checked the previous versions of each module for the missing comments. The client has successfully used the tool in the past with no issues.

Any thoughts on what might have happened? 

Thank you for your insight. 

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Rachel Horton

I had this issue yesterday. Well, I thought I did. My issue was not really an issue after all. I thought the comment was missing. Where in fact it was deleted as I had deleted the lesson the comment was made in. I will need to remember to Export comments prior to deleting lessons. Learning moment for me.

Jason Thompson

Realize this is a little late, but for others this may be helpful - I've found if I click on a review link and go to leave a comment without first selecting a slide, or clicking on the title slide, the comments will often immediately disappear when I press enter - going to 'feedback' pane though they are visible. I think what's happening is if you don't select a slide (or click on the first slide you start on), it's not associating the comment with a particular slide, so won't appear in normal Review view which shows the comments for a specific slide, only on the Feedback tab seems to show those comments.