Articulate Review: how to get current version slides to show in Feedback

Jul 05, 2017

Hi, Heroes!

My SMEs have reviewed an eLearning and made comments.  I went through the project and updated it with their requests, then uploaded the new version to Review. I made comments on any slide I changed, so they could see that the issue was fixed.

I’d like to be able to export the comments (so as not to force them to click through the eLearning again) that show all of our comments with the new version’s thumbnails.  What I’m seeing, though, are thumbnails from the previous version, not the current version, which makes my comments that something is “fixed” look kinda dumb.

Is there a reason I’m only seeing the old thumbnails, not the updated ones?

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Michele Markert

Hi, Leslie - thank you for your reply.  I guess I'm not understanding how to ensure that when I make a requested change, they can verify that it has been made, and also see their original comments to remind them of what they asked for.  I know I can send them a link to the updated version and have them click through the entire elearning again (in which case they'll see their own comments and my responses), but I'd rather give them the option of paging through the corrected slides in a PDF. 

If I "resolve" their comments in the new version, will I then be able to export the comments showing only the updated version's slides?

Sorry if I'm being dense!

Phil Mayor

As I understand how review work:

When your reviewer adds a comment a screenshot is taken and assigned against the comment (so you can see exactly what the reviewer is seeing). When the pdf is created that screenshot is show.

I dont think there is anyway to add the updated screenshot, as the screenshot is only created when a comment is made.

Leslie McKerchie

No worries Michele. As you understand it with sending them to your updated version, that is the intent with the interactivity. What if your reviewer wants to comment on an update that you made?

Either way, if you must print, let's see if I can better explain it.

  1. Publish course to Review
  2. Share link with users to Review
    • Comments and suggestions made on this version
  3. Changes and updates made - Mark comments as Resolved
  4. Course is republished as a new version to Review
  5. Comment on slides with changes - to bring awareness (and have pdf work as you intend)
  6. Create pdf with new version

As an example, let's take a look at this screenshot of my pdf.

Version 1 of my course was the slide that said blue and you can see the comments, I then updated the slide and published a new version with a comment so that the differences could be seen.

So, changes to that slide have stayed together in my pdf.

I do have the settings set to Show Resolved Comments based on the way it sounds like you will use this pdf:

I hope this helps and perhaps explains it a bit better.

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