Articulate Review Issues?

Nov 13, 2017

Has anyone had any user reports of issues with Review?  I have a user that added a lot of comments to my course and only a few were captured.  Also, is there a way to fix the reduction of quality that happens when courses are published to review?  I lose a bit of image quality and some of my interactions are glitchy in ways they aren't when I view in preview,  tempshare,  or when published to the LMS. 

Thank you, 


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tanya, I'm glad you reached out! It sounds like you're hitting two different roadblocks, so let's tackle these one at a time.

  1. Missing comments: Is it possible that you published a new version of your project to Articulate Review at the same time that your reviewer was posting comments? If your project has more than one version, check the older versions to see if the missing comments can be found there.
  2. Loss of image quality/glitches: I can't say I've seen a project where the images and interactions look and behave differently in Articulate Review than they do in Preview mode and when hosted on a web server or LMS. Did you see this problem in all web browsers, or just one in particular? Could you share a sample slide with me? I'd like to give it a test. Thanks!
Tanya Cavalieri

Hi there, I did think initially that the user was confusing where she had left the feedback, however, the last feedback in the previous version had been days before the current one where I could see some of her feedback from just a couple of hours before.   She insists there was more. 

Here is a link to one of the courses I have that is particularly glitchy.  Images aren't really an issue here yet.  You'll see some of the moving objects blip a little and also, under the titles I have 2 lines that should appear to criss cross each other but here they kind of blip then appear.  I haven't tried another browser.  I am in Chrome.  I will try IE.

Thanks for looking into it.  


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tanya,

Thanks for including the Review link. I'm seeing blips with slide objects that have a "Wipe" animation, such as the large blue background shape on the first slide and the criss cross lines on the sub-topic slides. 

Wipe animations don't work well in Internet Explorer because HTML5 support there lags behind other browsers. However, everything should animate smoothly in Chrome.

Would you mind sending me a copy of the original .story file for those slides? I'd like to have a closer look. Thanks!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Edwin, 

It sound like you're having trouble importing a Storyline 360 course with a PDF embedded into Rise 360? 

If so, I'd like to have our Support Team take a look at your Storyline 360 course to do some troubleshooting. Can you share it with us here in E-Learning Heroes by responding and using the Add Attachment button? If you'd prefer to share privately, you can upload it at this link.  We'll delete it when we're done testing! 

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