Articulate Review Requiring Sign In To Comment

Feb 24, 2020

I loaded a course to Review and checked the box to allow comments without signing in. My SME tried accessing this morning and she is unable to comment, it keeps asking for her to sign in. I've changed the settings back and forth and even added a password. Nothing is making it change. I haven't had this problem in the past. Anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mary Kate,

Thanks for contacting us to share the loop your colleague is in.

If they already have an Articulate ID, they will be prompted to log in to provide a comment, even if you've allowed them to comment without needing one.

Our documentation states:

If their email address is tied to an Articulate ID and if they aren't already signed in, they'll be prompted to enter their password.

Can you have them sign-in to see if that alleviates the issue? If they don't remember their password, you can share this for assistance.

Mary Kate Head

Leslie - Thanks. Neither of my SMEs who have encountered this have Articulate accounts but are still being diverted to the login screen when they type in their email address. I also tested using my personal email (which is not associated to my Articulate account) and my husband's email, who is definitely not associate to any Articulate account :) and all instances are being diverted to the login screen. I have submitted a support ticket. Case #02172237

Mary Kate Head

Thanks for the help. Our IT team is looking at the whitelisted domains and is updating Zscaler to allow access.

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Steve Bennett

I am having exactly the same issue, I have tried this with 2 colleagues neither have had an Articulate account previously, but are prompted to add their email address, they are then taken to a screen to create an account.

This is very frustrating as I have to send learning to various stakeholders for approval and they have no built in review option.

Mary Kate Head

Steve - We learned a few things as we worked through this. We had to whitelist domains per Ren's note above. The other thing we realized is that if we used gmail accounts, it wouldn't work. I wish I remembered what the IT guy told me exactly but it all came down to how our firm blocks access to gmail and for some reason the way Articulate gets to/uses gmail accounts won't let them work in our security environment - I feel like maybe I shouldn't be posting that because I can't exactly remember how he said it but maybe the general idea will work for whomever you are working with. I have found that hotmail accounts work just fine. Good luck.

Karin Rex

Hello again! I have another client who is having this same issue. Her email is with She cannot remember her password and cannot sign in. She has tried the link to reset the password several times and she never receives anything on her end. She called Articulate support but the tech could not help her. How can I help her?