Can you create folders in Articulate Review?

Mar 07, 2017

Hi, Community

I would like to know if it's possible to create folders in Articulate Review. I would like to do this to group different trainings in separate folders so as to prevent having all lessons together when the experts log in to review the content.

Thanks a lot!

Pamela F

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Crystal Horn

Hi Pamela! That’s a great question.  A folders feature is on the map for Articulate Review! Which is a good thing, because I’ve been using Peek to make screencasts like crazy! :D

Folders will benefit content authors, as they help you organize your content in your Articulate Review dashboard.

If you are sending out share links to your content from Articulate Review, each link will be unique to a content item (Storyline 360 course, Peek screencast, Quizmaker Quiz, etc). Your experts will be launching only one piece per link. They won’t have access to all of your hosted content with just one link. Similarly, their comments will stay with each content piece, on slide-level, or timestamped with screencasts, so that you know just what they’re referencing.

We’ll share the news once the Folders feature is released, and you can check our What’s New page for a look at the hottest new features we’re shipping!

Dawn H


Is there any update on when this feature might become available? And in the meantime, is there any way to organize your content in Articulate Review, or hide certain content so that when you're using a shared screen to show prospective clients demos versus real content you've created for current clients, they don't see everything?

Eduscape Partners

Also Nudging.  And somewhat related: is there any discussion on the Articulate360 Team to make a "shared team space" - something where everyone on the team can see what's been created without having to add as a collaborator and published for review without having to share the specific link -  with folders for better organization? It would make working together even better than it already is!!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, Erin and Susan for chiming in on this feature. We're keeping track of all requests and we look at including features based on the details here. This is one that our product team is researching now, but there is no ETA yet. 

As for a "shared team space", I know that's also something I've heard a few times here in ELH, so I'm happy to share your need for it too! 

Sara Scherba

I second all of these ideas, from adding folders to organize our Review dashboards to being able to sort (by name and date would be handy!), and the archiving previous courses.


I'd also like to add the ability to merge courses, but that's less critical. For instance, I may have two instances of the same course uploaded and comments on each, but it's the same course. Merging would be another helpful way to organize!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, Elise! Merging two courses to combine comments isn't an idea I've heard before. I'm curious to know a bit more - are they the exact same course that you published for different groups to review? I could see this one being a tad tricky, as the comments are tied to the point where the user saw them or added them to Review, but I can always share your idea with our team (they're definitely the experts over me!). 

Organizing Review courses in folders is on our list, and we'll let folks know here as soon as it's ready. 

Sara Scherba

This may be my own pet project! I've been having troubles with Sl360 uploading to the right course in Review, particularly with translations, so to solve the problem I'd have to upload a net new project on Review--making two copies of Course XYZ--rather than having 16 versions of a course, in various languages instead of one language. I may have two versions on Review, so two links, and two sets of comments--being able to combine those two courses on Review, that are in fact identical courses but couldn't upload to the same place, would be amazing.


I've been in touch with support about this problem regarding the course uploading to the wrong place in Review. We're working through it.

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