Can you create folders in Articulate Review?

Mar 07, 2017

Hi, Community

I would like to know if it's possible to create folders in Articulate Review. I would like to do this to group different trainings in separate folders so as to prevent having all lessons together when the experts log in to review the content.

Thanks a lot!

Pamela F

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Tracy Hodges

It would be great to get folders in Review soon, my site is a mess :-P And to be able to share a folder link for someone to review, rather than separate links... We have courses on different levels for the same topic, so it would be great to be able to bunch up those that belong together.

I would also love to be able to shuffle things around, to rearrange courses in a logical order.



Janet Gregory

Lots of ideas shared here would be very useful for the team I'm on. We have a number of designers/developers that roll on and off projects to support larger initiatives. It would be particularly helpful to be able to have either team access to courses uploaded to Articulate Review or the ability to reassign courses in Review to another designer/developer.

Jac Hutchinson

I see the feature to be able to create folders in Articulate review, and I'm able to populate the folders with content, but what I'm looking for is how to share the entire folder rather than each individual link. I put all the files for my client into a folder and I'd like them to see all the courses in the folder. I do not have the team subscription - in case that makes a difference.

Is this possible? I didn't see a quick way to do that.

Luke Geach

Hi All,

I am just wondering when we might be getting the folders feature in Articulate Review? At the moment what are called 'folders' are actually groups and not at all helpful when we have hundreds of projects on the go. I want items to actually MOVE (as the tool tip advertises) from 'All content' into 'folders' and no longer be in 'all content'. I guess a correct way of naming 'all content' would be 'unsorted' so that when items are first uploaded they go to unsorted and then can be moved into relevant folders. Even down the line then you can have users be able to upload directly to these folders. The feature as its stands so far is half cooked. Any ideas when we might see this more refined?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,
I wanted to share an update regarding new addition within Review 360 designed to help with searching and organization - we've added Product Filters to Review 360!

You can now easily sort your Review 360 Dashboard based on Storyline 360, Rise 360, Studio 360, or video projects, as shown in this article: 

Let us know what other new features you'd like to see in Review 360 here. 

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