Comments not coming through in Articulate 360 Review

My SME reviewed a Storyline course in Chrome and her comments aren't appearing in 360 Review. I've checked every version of this course and her comments are not showing up. I was able to post a comment with no problem. The option to allow a non Articulate ID user review and make comments was selected prior to her reviewing. Are her comments lost, or is there a way to retrieve them?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Theresa,

Do you know if she hit "Post" or pressed the Enter key prior to moving to a new comment? That's what is required to post it to the course. 

If you'd like our Support Team to look into the course itself, we're happy to! Can you reach out using this link to share the Review 360 Share link, Course Title, the email your SME would have used and your Articulate ID? That information will allow us to look into things on the back end! 

Theresa G

Hi, thanks for the reply! I submitted a ticket, but now everyone can post to the project and the original poster resubmitted her comments, so I think they stopped looking into it. However, your response is interesting. Can you clarify how the reviewer is supposed to post to the course: 
1. only click "Post"
2. only press "enter"
3. click "post" or press "enter"

Also, does it matter if the reviewer went back in to edit the post or does it matter if they copied and pasted their comments from Word into the post?

Thanks again!

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Theresa!

Thanks for sharing your Share link with our team! I took a peek at your case and see my colleague, Renz, is working closely with you on this. Although your SME can comment now, I'll still follow along just in case to share any relevant updates here!

In the meantime, you asked some great questions above, and I'm happy to answer those for you:

  • How to Post Comments: Reviewers can either press Enter on their keyboard or click the Post button to comment on a project. Best of both worlds!
  • Scenario: Reviewers can edit their comments and also copy text from Word. I ran a quick test by copying a few lines from Word and Google Doc where they pasted into Review 360 as comments. I did this in Chrome 75, but any of these supported browsers should be a-ok!

If there's anything else I can help with, I'll be here!

Paulette Suggs

I am having the same issue.  I sent the link for review to reviewers (no password) and reviewers clicked on the "Review" text (upper right of the screen, in Chrome) and nothing happens.  Thank you for your attention to resolving this issue.

Katie Riggio

Hi Jenna,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I'm happy to dig in with a quick clarifying question:

  • When you try to access the comments through the email alert, does a number appear next to the Feedback tab?
    • If not, we have an open bug where that feedback notification doesn't display the number of new comments, but the comments should appear in the feedback section.
    • If your experience is different, are you comfortable with sharing the Review 360 link with us for testing? Here's the private case link to send it along.
Dave Neal

I'm not sure if this is related or not (I've just started using Rise), but when my business partners add comments to the Rise course in Review, I do see their comments in the feedback tab, but I don't see them in the actual course (right hand side). I was under the impression that the feedback would be in the course level so all reviewers could see it. Am I mistaken, or am I missing something? Thanks. 

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Dave!

I'm happy to trouble this with you.

First, I'm having trouble recreating any issues with this sample Rise 360 course hosted in Review 360. The two test comments appear on the review tab and the feedback tab.

  • Does the problem happen with certain lesson types or quizzes? 
  • How about courses. Is this isolated to a certain Rise 360 course?
  • Are you comfortable with sharing your shareable Review 360 link? You can send it privately to us through this case link or attach it publicly in your reply. We're eager to find the culprit!
Ren Gomez

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for following up! Katie was replying to Dave in this public discussion. Glad to hear you haven't been experiencing this issue though!

By the way, it looks like you may have replied by email where your contact information came through. This Peek video will show you how to edit it out if you’d like!