Correct use of "Mention" feature in the Articulate Review Tool w Univited Reviewers?

Apr 20, 2018

I read something in this site the other day while learning about the Review Tool that talked about use of the 'mention' (@name)strategy in Comments and Replies.

Can the "mention" feature in the Review Tool>Comment function be used with stakeholders who do not have an Articulate ID or who have not already entered into the review process with their first comment (and provided email)?  

For Example:  I tried to use 'mention' in a Reply to a reviewer's Comment, where the reviewer used the 1st name only of someone else in the company who was NOT previously provided the link.  I tried to use 'mention' like this:

I checked with "cgorilla" and he was not notified via email of my attempt to draw him into the fray. 

  • Can 'mention' be used in this circumstance?  
  • If yes, what is the correct technique?
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Katie Riggio

Hi, Brad! Great question 🌟

You can certainly use @ to mention someone who does not have an Articulate ID. The key is that the person has to comment first. Then you can @ their email address in which they'll receive an email notification of any mention. Here's a quick Peek to walk you through!

And just a pro-tip that the Allow users without Articulate IDs to comment option will need to be checked.


I hope this helps!

Katie Riggio

Hi Alis. I'm sorry for the trouble and appreciate you bringing this to my attention!

I created this new Peek 360 recording to demo using @ to mention someone who does not have an Articulate ID.

✏️ Note: For this to work, the person has to comment on the Review 360 content.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Diana Gualda

Would like to add my vote for this. It's a big hassle to get someone you need to tag to first go and submit a comment of their own. I've been instructing these people to just add a simple "test" comment. But that's kind of like:

Me: "Hey Joe, I need to call you. But please call me first and leave a short voicemail. Then I'll be able to call you."

Joe: "Don't you already have my number? Why can't you just call me?"

Me: "I do have your number...but, my phone won't make outgoing calls to anyone who's never left me a voicemail."

Jen Thuelin

I would like to see this feature implemented-where a reviewer doesn't have to comment first in order to be tagged. Sometimes there are several SMEs. A comment is made by one, and another SME needs to review. I can't @ to ask to review the prior comment or someone can't ask someone for their feedback since they haven't commented. The current function is more of a Review "only if" option.

I'm sorry, but this is not collaborative.