Feedback Disappeared

Aug 24, 2021

I renamed a Storyline file after I had published it to Review 360 and the reviewers had started making comments. When I published a new version using "Publish a new version of an existing item," the previous (unresolved) comments disappeared. I could see them under the "Feedback" tab but not next to the slide in the "Comment" window. When I restored the previous version, the comments showed up next to their slides like normal. I reversed the name change and renamed the file back to what it was when I initially published the training, but when the new version is published, even with the old name the comments are empty. Is there a way to make them show up again?

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Annabelle Grew

Hi there, 

My team have experienced a similar problem where some unresolved comments from previous versions no longer show up when viewing the current version of a course. However in our case you could not see them in Feedback or Slide view, however they were visible if you view the older version. 
The behaviour seems inconsistent as some previous versions comments carried forward and some didn't. It would be great to be updated on any fixes for this so that we don't end up losing comments.