How can my entire team view the content I place in Articulate Review?

Mar 02, 2018

This may be in a different thread (but I can't find it), or I'm misunderstanding - but I thought when I published something to Articulate Review, my entire team could view it on their Review, too.  Is that not the case?  Do I need to send them the link, even if they're on my team?  I understand sending the link to folks outside my team and/or to those that don't have 360 but didn't think I needed to if they are on my team.  

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Lauren Connelly

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share that we just released Team Folders for Review 360! You can now create shared team folders in Review 360 to organize your content and assign permissions. This also includes allowing multiple authors to publish new versions of the content you shared in these folders for better collaboration.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi CJ,

Thanks for reaching out here! From what I'm understanding you want to see all the projects from your 360 Team members in one section of Review? This would take the place of the Share option or would be in addition to? 

I want to make sure I'm clear on your needs, before I pass this feature request to our product team! 

Eduscape Partners

I support this idea as well - that there is a common "review" section where EVERYTHING that has been shared for review can be seen by everyone on the team. 

Here is our workaround: We are using the boards feature in Asana. Once the Rise course has been published for review, we add the review link to the name of the task. We make sure to publish a new version of the same file so the link always stays the same. This way, everyone on the project has access to the link. So far, it's working for us. 



Mark Huber

Yes, having a "team view" in Articulate Review should be a high priority on Articulate development/upgrade pipeline... it's really a no brainer and I was surprised that it wasn't originally designed this way for the initial launch (especially when so many other team collaboration tools operate with such views). Having to send manually copy and send/forward links around to team members defeats the whole purpose of having/promoting a "team collaboration" feature.

Love Torre's idea for having the option to switch between a My Content tab and a Team Content tab as well. 

Claire W

I would like to echo support for the idea of a "team view" under Articulate Review. I really thought that I was missing something when I got started with a team account because I expected to be able to easily find courses published for review by my team mate. We're going to have to start tracking our review links in a separate system, which isn't ideal. I would love to be able to switch between a My Content tab and a Team Content tab.

simondavide tritto

It's not just nice to have, it's a must! I'm running a project where we use 2 other collaboration tools: TeamForge and JIRA, plus A360 Review; the first 2 allow a full collaborative environment, bacause all projects are fully shared; unfortunately that's not the case for A360 Rveview, because  it lacks a "team space" where team members can upload modules for review without a specific owner with special rights different than the others; this lack of feature is making the whole process complicated and not fully collaborative. I strongly recommend you add this team review space feature asap.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi George,

If you want that course on the same Share link or connected to the previous versions, the original author would need to publish it. If you publish it on your own, you'll have a new Share link to send to folks and the new Review 360 link won't have any of the previous feedback either. 

Katie Riggio

Hi everyone!

No updates on enhanced Teams collaboration features in Review 360 yet, but we recognize this is a popular topic. We're actively exploring this space and will let you know of any changes.

We appreciate your contributions, as each voice is super valuable in our feature request evaluation process!

Michael North

Agree with all the above comments, it's a shame that this feature has been years in the making.

But to improve collaboration maybe a 'share with team option' under the SHARE menu where you can select the team seats you want to share with.

Hopefully this is available soon as a teams seat is more expensive that a single seat and this seems like a feature that should be available.