How do I delete a project from Articulate Review?

Jan 22, 2018


Is there a way to remove or delete a project from the Articulate Review dashboard once the project is completed and published in the company LMS?  Much of the material there is out of date now and of no archival value to the corporation (we have our own records retention program).


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Mark Gretzinger

Thanks for making that video Alyssa! The problem I'm having is that the course that I published from my KP licensed version of Storyline is not showing up in the Review dashboard. I don't have a separate Articulate account, and in review, the comments show up as from this account.

What's also very odd is that the comments being made send email alerts to my KP email address, even though I've never provided that to Articulate!

Here is the course in question:

Not sure what to do. :|

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mark!

Let's try this:

  • Log out of the the Articulate 360 desktop app by clicking your profile icon and selecting Sign Out. Here's a screenshot of what I mean. 
  • Log out of by clicking the same icon in the upper-right corner and selecting Sign Out.
  • Log back into both the desktop app and with the same email address.
  • Republish the Storyline 360 course to Articulate Review, and you should see the course appear correctly in Articulate Review.

Let me know if that helps!

Fred Brooks


Thank you for your reply.

I made the viewing area very large but still could not see "Delete." However, I noticed the black speck at the bottom of the drop down menu (see the screenshot). When I clicked on it, the Delete function came up.

The Delete selection is still not fully visible, but now I know what to look for.

Thanks again.

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Katie Riggio

Hey there, Fred!

Thanks for keeping us posted, and I'm happy to hear you tracked down the Delete option. Now let's see if we can sort why it appears as a small spot:

  • It looks like your email signature came through instead of the screenshot. Could you click this link to open our conversation and use the Add Attachment button to include the image in your reply? Also, this short video will show you how to edit your contact information out if you'd like! 
  • Is this happening on any browser or a specific one?
  • Could something have changed in the browser(s') zoom settings? 

We'll figure this out together!

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